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Glen Wexler: the ‘80s Portrait Sessions


Glen Wexler: The ’80s Portrait Sessions represents the purest and most distilled embodiment of Wexler’s photographic art. Exquisitely composed and lit, these portraits capture a precious record of glamorous times.  Famous artists such as Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Herbie Hancock and Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead are captured in intimate and sensitive portraits.  Legendary rock bands such as KISS, ZZ Top and Missing Persons are photographed in their finery along with influential producers, actors and models, reflecting the now infamous look and style of the 1980s and capturing the essence and glamour of the decade.This book includes over 60 images in 132 pages, printed with superb tritone printing on premium heavyweight paper in a 12x12 inch case-bound book with dust jacket. With a foreward by Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top, an introduction by Thomas Negiovan, and an introduction by Andy Burgess, this book is limited to only 1000 copies. A must have coffee table book for every fan of music and fashion from the eighties!

In a decade of rock and roll excess I was looking for a sense of intimacy.  When creating these portraits I sought to capture an authentic human connection behind the big personas.
— Glen Wexler

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