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No Opportunity for regret by chris E. king


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Dark Spring Press is proud to announce the first book by British photographer Chris E. King, winner of the Big Sky Photography Experience award from the National Open Art Competition in 2015 and the Best Photograph at the National Open Art Competition in 2016. 

King’s color images include landscapes taken on travels through the United States, as well as domestic interiors of friends and family residences in America and Britain. King captures the interplay between nature and the man-made environment, creating a subtle, surreal hybrid world where humans exist but are seldom seen. There is an abstract quietness illuminated with a delicate light that speaks of loneliness and the anonymity of the human made environment but also contemplation and reflection.  Interiors of houses reveal the activities and personalities of their inhabitants while hinting at life outside; landscapes reveal the evidence of human actions within their compelling beauty.

Many of these landscapes were shot in a car traveling the highways of America, which became a large part of the inspiration for this book.  As King states, “Camera in hand, you scan the scenery ahead, on the lookout for something interesting. A structure comes into view a couple of miles ahead. Check the exposure and pre-focus the camera; position yourself so that any reflections from inside the car aren’t too intrusive; raise the camera and… click, click… click. Glance at the images on the back of the camera, but not for too long—you might miss something else. If you missed it, or something got in the way—it’s gone. There is no opportunity for regret.”

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