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Press Release: No Opportunity for Regret by Chris E. King

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Dark Spring Press is proud to announce the publication of No Opportunity for Regret by Chris E. King. This is the first book by award-winning British photographer Chris E. King. Many of the landscapes in the book were shot from the passenger seat of a car whilst traveling across America with his American fiancée. The images operate in a liminal space between careful composition and split-second intuition, hence the title, No Opportunity for Regret. King’s images have a spare beauty. He captures wide-open spaces and industrial hinterlands where nature and human imposition collide. Lighting is subtle and exquisitely captured. Whether taken at dawn or twilight, under the glow of a setting summer sun or the pall of a soft wintry sky, the pictures are full of mood and atmosphere, quietly and powerfully evocative. Other series in the book record interior settings, such as living rooms and bedrooms, captured in aspic from a bygone era or detailing the mundane beauty of our domestic lives, designed and constructed and yet full of eccentricity and accidental symmetry. No Opportunity for Regret may be purchased on our website: The Photographer’s Gallery Bookshop is planning a book launch of Chris E. King’s photographs for Thursday, May 24th, 2018 from 6:00-8:30 pm in London, UK. Mr. King will be present at the event.


About the Book

o        No Opportunity for Regret by Chris E. King
o        First
o        Foreword by Miranda Gavin
o        Softcover with front and back interior
o        11 inches x 9 inches
o        60 pages
o        40 full-color plates
o        Offset Lithography by Arizona Lithography, Tucson, Arizona
o        © Chris E. King and Dark Spring Press, 2018
o        All images © Chris King; All Rights Reserved
Small run of 300 signed and numbered copies, including 50 Collector’s Edition copies
o        Collector’s Edition copies will include one signed original photograph
o        Trade Edition: $40 / £30
o        Collector’s Edition with (1) signed Photograph: $175 / £135
o        ISBN 978-0-9993408-2-0

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Andy Burgess