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Interview of Andy Burgess, Don't Take Pictures

Don’t Take Pictures: How would you describe Dark Spring Press to someone who has never seen your books?

Andrew Burgess: Dark Spring Press is a small boutique press, newly founded in Tucson, Arizona, with the intention of publishing elegant and compelling small run, limited edition photography books. We don't aim to have a house style but rather approach each new project individually and with an attention to detail and production values that make us stand out. We have published two books so far and have another four in different stages of production. The idea is to work closely in collaboration with each artist and produce a book that is both visually interesting and a beautiful object in its own right. If anything, our aesthetic would err towards the understated and modest rather than the brash or flashy. We want our books to be tactile and contemplative. 

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Introducing Dark Spring Press

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Dark Spring Press is the brainchild of artist and photographer Andy Burgess. Known primarily for his paintings and collages, Burgess is also a photographer, art collector and publisher. Dark Spring Press was founded in March of this year, and is proud to announce its first book, In No Time by Ernesto Esquer, which was recently exhibited and well-received at Photo Independent in Los Angeles in April.

As an artist, Andy Burgess has established an international reputation. He is represented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery in London and other well-regarded galleries in New York, San Francisco, Laguna Beach, Scottsdale and Tucson.  Burgess’s career has involved major commissions, residencies, museum shows and international art fairs. In 2018 he will have a solo exhibition at The Tucson Museum of Art and an artist monograph of his personal work published by Nazraeli Press.

Alongside his art practice, Burgess is an avid collector of contemporary art, classic photography and photography books. Before moving to the United States in 2009, Burgess started a small publishing company in the United Kingdom that published prints, cards and gift-wrap. Now, eight years later, Burgess has decided to fulfill a long-held ambition to combine his passion for photography with his experience in publishing to start a small, independent photography book press with the intention of publishing elegant, meaningful, small-run editions of carefully selected work by new, emerging and established photographers.

Dark Spring Press endeavors to present outstanding photography in an elegant format, always honoring the collaboration between photographer, designer and printer to create a beautiful end product with high production value and collectability. Dark Spring Press works to tap into the local creative community of Tucson, Arizona—the home of the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona and a plethora of photographers, artists, and other creative professionals who find their way here—to influence the wider world of photography.

The inaugural publication of Dark Spring Press is the book In No Time by Ernesto Esquer.  Esquer, an emerging photographer based in Tucson who happened to turn 30 as the book was in the design stage, creates intimate hand toned and colored gelatin silver prints. In No Time presents a beautiful and poignant collection of Esquer’s photography and includes a foreword written by esteemed photographer Ken Rosenthal. A modest publication, In No Time is a 30 page softcover book designed by Burgess and Esquer and printed locally by Arizona Lithographers in Tucson. This first edition is limited to only 200 signed copies, including 35 numbered copies presented with a unique silver gelatin print.

Dark Spring Press is very excited to announce its second project, a book of Robert Stiver’s Polaroids. In contrast to Esquer, Stivers is a well-established and highly lauded photographer with an exceptionally interesting career to date that already has several books to his name. His richly dark and mysterious imagery is clearly evident in his never before exhibited or published Polaroids.  Spanning a thirty-year career they bear the marks of a life devoted to image making. Many are scratched, dog-eared, torn, worked over and hand colored. The scratches, fingerprints and dust all add another dimension of texture to these already enigmatic images. The book is scheduled for publication in the fall of 2017 to coincide with a series of exhibitions of Stivers work in the United States.  

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