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Interview of Andy Burgess, Don't Take Pictures

Don’t Take Pictures: How would you describe Dark Spring Press to someone who has never seen your books?

Andrew Burgess: Dark Spring Press is a small boutique press, newly founded in Tucson, Arizona, with the intention of publishing elegant and compelling small run, limited edition photography books. We don't aim to have a house style but rather approach each new project individually and with an attention to detail and production values that make us stand out. We have published two books so far and have another four in different stages of production. The idea is to work closely in collaboration with each artist and produce a book that is both visually interesting and a beautiful object in its own right. If anything, our aesthetic would err towards the understated and modest rather than the brash or flashy. We want our books to be tactile and contemplative. 

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"Staging Pictures: Early Polaroids by Robert Stivers" is here!


Dark Spring Press is pleased to announce that trade copies of Staging Pictures: Early Polaroids by Robert Stivers are now available for purchase! 

We went to press at Arizona Lithography just before Thanksgiving and received our completed books from Roswell Bookbinding in mid-December. We couldn't be happier with the results and we are excited to start the new year off with this beautiful publication!

We will have final details very soon for the Deluxe Edition, which will include 2 photographs presented together with the trade edition in a custom box made by Cloverleaf Studio.

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