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Days on the Mountain

Days On The Mountain is the new monograph from Ken Rosenthal. Days On The Mountain features photographs made in and near Rosenthal’s cabin in Washington state over a fifteen year period. The meditative, poetic narrative serves as an introduction to his acclaimed series The Forest. 21 cm x 16 cm (8.4” x 6.3”). Hardbound, with letterpress-printed cover-boards and a Smyth-sewn exposed binding. 112 pages, 92 color and black-and-white plates. With essays by photographic historian/writer George Slade and Ken Rosenthal.

“Over the past two decades Ken has produced an impressive body of photographs that, to oversimplify for the sake of background, relies on the oneiric more than the descriptive…The capstone in this arc, and the surprisingly necessary partner to the work here, is the series titled “The Forest,” made around the cabin during the years 2011 to 2016. Unquestionably the densest, darkest set of photographs in Ken’s oeuvre to date, it is also the sepulchral yin to the luminous yang evident in “Days on the Mountain.” The fairy-tale forest we met in childhood is dark and sinister—there be monsters, surely, and we re-encounter those latent terrors here. But in the daylight just outside the tree line, life is more nuanced. It’s easier to make our way through the thickets when we can see our feet and a horizon.”
From the essay Up North, With Daughters by George Slade