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'Age & Seduction' by Karen Hymer

'Age & Seduction' by Karen Hymer


First Edition, 2018
Trade edition limited to 164 copies
Foreword by Ann Simmons-Myers
Softcover trifold with hand-sewn binding
Foil stamping on front and back
8 inches x 9.5 inches
56 pages
26 full-color plates
Offset lithography and binding by Arizona Lithographers
©Karen Hymer and Dark Spring Press, 2018; Foreword ©Ann Simmons-Myers, 2018
All images ©Karen Hymer; All Rights Reserved.
200 copies including 164 trade copies and 36 Collector’s Edition copies presented with an original signed and numbered photogravure created by the artist
Design and Layout by Andy Burgess and Dawne Osborne
Printing and binding by Arizona Lithographers
ISBN: 978-0-9993408-3-7

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